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Please note: Due to the current COVID-19 situation in Ontario, Junction we continue to offer its services online and over the phone until further notice.  

Junction Psychotherapy continues to closely monitor the developments of COVID-19 in our area to ensure the protection of our clients and community, remaining attentive to the latest health authorities' advice and employing the all the preventive measures at our disposal. As we all navigate difficult times, Junction Psychotherapy remains committed to our mission of providing the best possible therapy and support that works best for our clients. 

When safe to do so, in-person therapy follows measures to contain the spread of covid and ensure everyone's safety:

  • Client(s) and therapist maintain a safe distance 

  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and face masks are available 

  • The office is fitted with a portable air purifier and window can be opened for extra air circulation 

  • Office space is thoroughly sanitized between every client

  • Reduced number of in person sessions to minimize exposure


If you have any additional questions or suggestions regarding COVID-19 protective measures and protocols or any other accommodation, please do not hesitate to email Online therapy services remain available in the meantime. 

You can find additional resources and information regarding the mental health effects of COVID-19 and coping with the pandemic from the City of Toronto Website here.